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Discarded metal parts turned sculpture
Jun 21, 2016

"Look, here are the Transformers ' Optimus Prime ', there are motorcycles, tractors ... ... It's full of fun. "In the sales office a layer of ground, exhibited more than 50 pieces large and small wrought-iron sculpture made of scrap metal mosaic, many people praise-while-visit, reminding us of scenes into a movie about" future world "films.

Reporter go near a a lifelike of "vultures" sculpture, head of each tablets "feathers" are is by a health has rust of screws welding made, and it shiny light of "belly" is is by a motorcycle tank composition; again see there can by moving of "vintage camera", by shutter of part just is a waste of lock, hands-on gently a by, like truth machine General.

You see all the materials used are from the recycling bin ' Tao '. "A young patient young man told reporters, in front of the robot is composed of multiple parts, welded together, it was densely packed with devices of all kinds of hydraulic, gears, shafts and other parts of the pipeline, more than 100 kilograms of weight to carry two adults.

"This is one of my proud work. "This guy is just 30 years old called Wang shujie, is a metal sculpture design.