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Discussion on line rail effect track performance on Machining accuracy of NC machine tools
Jun 21, 2016

1. sliding: sliding structure is simple, easy to manufacture, good rigidity, strong seismic and other advantages, most widely used in the machine, usually made from cast iron or steel rails. In order to raise rail abrasion resistance and precision, the track surface is hardened and grinding.

2. rolling Guide: rolling guide is installed between the Rails face roller, roller ball, roller and needle roller, contact with the Rails for point contact and line contact, so rail friction coefficient is small. Static and dynamic friction coefficient is basically the same, starting resistance, good low-speed smooth motion, high precision, micro-displacement accuracy, wear small, good accuracy and long service life. The drawback is the poor seismic, high protection requirement. Rolling guides in particular linear rolling guideway, was used in recent years, with the rapid development of CNC machine tools to, linear guides are widely used.