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Factors affecting the machining accuracy of NC machine tools
Jun 21, 2016

Machine itself of errors in large of data and statistics in the showed that, machine of 65.7% above, in installation Shi on cannot completely meet its related index standard, in work among 90% of NC machine are in a inaccurate of work environment and State Xia, this situation on decided has machine work State monitoring of importance, machine precision of test for machine precision of guarantees for is a necessary of based, can on parts of processing precision better of guarantees.

Temperature effect except machine itself of precision errors zhiwai, machine in workshop environment Xia of operation also will by effect, including workshop of temperature floating, motor of fever and received unloading friction, and media effect,, these problem will on machine of form and precision caused must degree of effect, machine of temperature changes on will appeared adjustment precision of lost, on machine of precision and processing artifacts of size and precision has effect. Meanwhile, changes in temperature so that the bearing clearance and machining precision. The other hand, the temperature temperature uneven, resulting in various parts or parts where the relationships between changes of every part, resulting in the displacement of parts or distorted