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Flexible use of CNC lathes of various auxiliary functions and macro program
Jun 21, 2016

CNC lathes with tool radius compensation and length by changing the method of Cutter compensation tool dimensions errors, to the same processing procedure for tiered milling and roughing and finishing or is used to improve the precision, and the same processing procedure processing parts.

Using macro program is the biggest feature is the regular shape or size, use the shortest possible program, and lathes in the implementation of such programs, generated by the implementation of CAD/CAM software programs more quickly, respond more quickly. Macro program can use variables and assign values to variables, variables, operations, program can jump, can form a modular working program, apply only to parts information, processing parameters and enter the corresponding module in the calling statement, programming and input time is greatly reduced.

CNC lathes also have a fixed cycle function, subroutine function, image processing function, rotate the light function, the use of these features can be long from the input, and properly used to try to be a multiplier effect.