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Heraeus develops amorphous metal parts 3D printing technology
Jun 21, 2016

Amorphous metals in high-tech fields have a very wide range of uses. They possess energy absorption and scratch-proof ability, but also has a good spring property-these interesting characteristics so that it can be used as an injection nozzle separators, consumer electronics products, shell, or as a dome tweeter speakers.

A few days ago, and one from Sweden technology startups Exmet cooperation, global leader in Heraeus precious metals and technology vendors (Heraeus) technology group has developed a 3D printing technology of amorphous metal parts, which will expand its 3D printed metal combinations to a popular area of amorphous metallic materials.

"Amorphous metal will change our future. They seem to be compatible with many difficult to attribute: strength, plasticity. And compared with conventional metal, they are more resistant to corrosion, high strength. We intend to work together with Exmet, such new materials open to the fields of industrial and 3D printing. "Heraeus said New Businesses the company head of 3D printing Tobias Caspari.