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High speed machining efficiency of NC lathe how to improve?
Jun 21, 2016

(1) select the appropriate tool

In NC lathe machining, metal cutting tool's role is extremely important. Manufacturing tooling materials must have high hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance, enough intensity and toughness, good thermal and process, and has a good economy. In the process of selection of tool, premise to meet machining requirements, try to choose a larger diameter cutter, its strength and toughness; in the same process, use as little as possible the number of tools in order to reduce tool change times as possible selecting standard tools without non-standards or the use of special tools.

(2) reasonable determination tool

Cutter setting on CNC lathe is machining parts, the starting point of the tool relative to the workpiece movement. Also known as the "program start" or "point". Tool selection must comply with the following principles: easy to use digital processing and simplify programming; are easily found on the lathe, machining easy to check; due to processing errors. On point location can be selected on the workpiece can also be selected outside of the workpiece (such as clamps or lathe), but must be part of the benchmark in certain sizes. Cutter setting should be selected in part design or process on benchmarks, such as positioning of workpieces, alternative holes centres as the knife point. Cutter location for this hole to look for so that the "in place" and "on point" coincide. In this way, would be to improve the efficiency of the tool to ensure quality.