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Improved measures of Machining accuracy of NC machine tools
Jun 21, 2016

Errors compensation errors compensation refers to of is in on NC machine processing will be set axis of location do corresponding of records, also, combined related of records data and actual of measurement results for compared, understand errors value, and in operation in the in axis Shang selected measurement of benchmark points, records Xia run in the of errors value, entered to related of control system within, such can is good of control different points of axis movement and errors time. If the more the number of measurement points, indicating pitch error compensation required effect is more obvious, this kind of error compensation technique for NC machine coordinate system is built on the premise to determine important parameters of the NC machine coordinate system is a reference point and, therefore, must ensure that the choice of the reference point of error is zero.

Compensation of opposite clearance error due to the influence of opposite clearance error in NC machine tool, so must be of opposite clearance error in NC machine tool design full attention, and to take effective measures. But there is no denying that is, gap exists, so what we want to do is through the pitch error compensation technology backlash on the machine in the process of recording and control system of NC machine tool error compensation directly to the reverse movement, thus using parameters setting set and NC system to reduce the error.