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Metal-ceramic surface treatment using sand-what is unique about
Jun 21, 2016

Metal-ceramic surface treatment using sand-what is unique about you? Metal surface treatment is a ceramic sand using a unique formula, which rust, corrosion and other effects, now metal, furniture and other industry applications. Especially suitable for metallic parts production and maintenance of peening, PEEN forming of light alloy parts. Thanks to the special small the microstructure, ceramic balls have a very good impact strength and toughness. Have exceptionally high surface hardness and smoothness can be repeatedly recycled, high utilization ratio is 15-20 times the glass beads. Wide range of size, optional is strong and can match the various types of sandblasting machine using.

Ceramic abrasive in sandblasting surface treatment effects of different materials cannot be replaced each other, different shapes and hardness of sandblasting, metal base figure is inconsistent; different sand mix, uneven sand, inhomogeneous loss, surface roughness and glossiness of instability. In addition, the blast also can help the steel surface of the organization change, induced by the residual austenite into martensite, and can fine martensite structure, further improves the surface hardness and wear resistance of the workpiece, thus prolonging the service life. Through the actual test, shot 10 seconds, high arc test piece deformation up to 0.6mm, 100% coverage.