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Metal parts in oil be sure to choose a professional cleaning agents
Jun 21, 2016

Ultimately, the metal parts on the production and processing of oil, rust, etc, if not professional metal parts cleaner, then, cannot be completely cleaned, can also lead to corrosion of parts, even damaged parts that affect production. Then choose a suitable metal parts cleaning agent what are the requirements?

(1) ensure fast cleaning, wash thoroughly and effectively

(2) on the cleaned parts is non corrosive

(3) cleaning agent for low cost, environmentally friendly, mild odor

(4) in the cleaning process, not cleaning the insoluble residues on the surface of the object, does not produce a new dirt and does not form harmful to the follow-up process of the new overlay does not affect product quality. In the metal processing industry, according to the characteristics of metallic materials, decontamination of the cleaning agent is no longer a simple, effective decontamination as required cleaning agent at the same time, plays rust-proof metal film, enhanced corrosion resistance of products, which added to the detergent additives put forward higher requirements.