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Precision technology to win due to generation x into shooting industry a good helper
Jun 21, 2016

Only a few hand tools can achieve vertical turning mode conversion and short-cutting mode, machine tool operators takes about half an hour TNL18 can be converted into a short cutting patterns from longitudinal mode, so that we had a number of short fraction of the waste, thus reducing material costs. Anschutz also has the opportunity to waste recycling, by short turn service remains in its own factories in, you can reuse these materials.

Meanwhile, "old Traub machines can hinder integration into the new system of procedures, to ensure that our previous investments have value. "The Anschutz company production planning department HeikoSiller said. Therefore, the technical staff in a short period of time to become familiar with, Traub integration program systems and 3D artifact display. Siller is responsible for all Traub machine tool programming, he is very serious about Simulator 3D display and integrated collision protection: "people machine tool can be viewed from an entirely different angle. ”