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After CCMT2016 The Touch Industry Is Of Special Design Of Energy
Jun 21, 2016

Healthy relationship with breakthrough

It may be argued that robust and breakthrough is a contradiction, stability is steady, not to act rashly, how can there be a breakthrough? But the sound is stable and powerful meaning, and health without distinction of primary and secondary stability. I understand the relationship between sound and breakthrough are: no accumulation of steady development, there can be no breakthroughs. Robust is the basis of breakthrough, breakthrough power of steady development.

Seeking a breakthrough in sound

Rapid development of China's machine tool industry for more than 10 years, while the overall size of the industry, has the world for 8 years. But high-end products in terms of quantity or in quality compared with foreign counterparts to have a larger gap. This mainly reflected in the level of industry quality standards, innovation capacity, weak infrastructure and poor product quality, in particular lack of reliability is particularly obvious, still cannot meet the growing requirements of customers. Analysis the reason for such a result, compared with those years industry blundering, the rush is prevalent, related to lack of sound thinking and style, this is the theme of industry at the time. But there are also not affected by overall unhealthy doing good business, ningjiang machine tool factory and Shanghai is a typical case.