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Around Ushered In The Development Of CNC Machine Tool And Other Leading Industry Initiative To Help Enterprises Accelerate
Jun 21, 2016

Shangyou haisheng tungsten-molybdenum group natural gas pipeline, skilled workers were busy stitching on the pipeline construction. The County work safety supervision Bureau service, helped the company by the use of liquefied natural gas to pipe natural gas, is expected to reduce the production cost of 3 million Yuan a year. Shangyou imcluded high cost reduction and environmental work, and promote the steady improvement of industrial economic benefits. From January to May this year, the County completed the financial income of 337 million Yuan, an increase of 20% to achieve above-scale industrial business income of 2.2 billion yuan, an increase of 16%.

Around the bigger and stronger glass fiber composite and two leading industries of NC machine tool, shangyou is committed to building the industrial development platform, training enterprises need talent, accelerating industrial restructuring and upgrading. Shangyou County Industrial Park, the new plan with 300 acres, 215 mu of land utilizing idle clean up idle plant more than 40,000 square meters, built-up area of 8200 acres, effectively break the land problems of the company. Park water, electricity, gas, roads, communications and other facilities and construction of new enterprises and enterprises step concessions for natural gas users, ensure that enterprises ' production and management needs, and reduce costs.