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CNC Combined Grinding Machine For Safe Operation Of The
Jun 21, 2016

(1) all staff must receive appropriate training and examination, but also for machines and equipment is fairly familiar.

(2) before the opening, grinder for CNC composite needs to be a full range of checks to ensure that equipment is functioning properly, if you check, equipment failure, you need to fix. Not only that detection systems also need to be appropriate, including the power supply system, fuel system, electrical system, only under the condition of normal operation of the system can be operated.

(3) while the grinder for CNC composite operation is in, it should be to quickly adjust the angle and direction, and according to their actual needs, and adjust the travel restraint, but in time to adjust the travel restraint, must adjust to the proper location.

(4) staff operate in time, need to wear appropriate work clothes, not whisper and other personnel, or chat with each other, the main thing is to prevent distraction, to ensure operator safety.

(5) in the grinder for CNC composite action when needed to wear specialized glasses, cheap because there will be some fine particles, once splashed into the eye, damage to the eyes is very large.

(6) after work, clearing and cleaning the site, filled out the job record, and do shift work.