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CNC Innovation Application Engineering Conference Held In Quanzhou
Jun 21, 2016

The "Twelve-Five" period, CNC generation innovation project cumulative development of textile machinery, printing machinery, processing machinery, CNC systems and features more than 150 species, developed the NC industrial sewing machine, eco-friendly Web gravure printing machine and other various types of CNC machinery and equipment more than 200 kinds, which is model applied in almost 800 companies nationwide.

"China's manufacturing industry has unique and significant development advantage, has a bright and beautiful future. "China's Academy of engineering Zhou JI said, broader technical options, rapid advances in science and technology, in particular the wide application of information technology will enable China's industrialization process were greatly compressed in time.

Zhou ji believes that NC generation of innovative applications and is "upright" works. "Site" is rooted in the strong demand to industrial transformation and upgrading, for comprehensive upgrading of manufacturing enterprises in China made a historic contribution, "Heaven" is the dark horse, and surprise, with innovative ideas and technical climb the heights of World Science and technology, China's manufacturing industry to the forefront of the world.