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CNC Lathe Machining Processing Procedures
May 16, 2017

CNC lathes, turning centers, is a high-precision, high-efficiency automated machine tools. Equipped with multi-station turret or power turret, the machine has a wide range of processing technology performance, can be processed linear cylindrical, oblique cylinder, arc and a variety of threads, grooves, worms and other complex parts, with linear interpolation, Interpolation of various compensation functions, and in the complex production of spare parts to play a good economic results.

"CNC" is the English Computerized Numerical Control (computer digital control) abbreviation. CNC machine tool is in accordance with the preparation of a good pre-processing procedures, automatic processing of parts to be processed. We have the parts of the processing process line, process parameters, tool movement trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters (spindle speed, feed, back to eat knife, etc.) and auxiliary functions (tool change, spindle forward, Cutting fluid on, off, etc.), in accordance with the NC machine tool specified by the instruction code and program format written into the processing program, and then the contents of this program recorded on the control medium (such as perforated tape, tape, disk, ), And then input to the CNC machine tool CNC device, which command machine parts processing.

This process from the analysis of parts to the control of the media to make all the process called NC program preparation. CNC machine tools and ordinary machine parts is the difference between the processing of CNC machine tools in accordance with the procedures for automatic processing of parts, and ordinary machine to be operated by people, we only need to change the control of machine movement procedures can achieve the purpose of processing different parts. Therefore, CNC machine tools are particularly suitable for processing small quantities and complex shape requirements of high precision parts.

As the CNC machine tools to follow the procedures to process parts, programming staff after the preparation of a good program, the input to the NC device to command the machine work. The input of the program is via the control medium.

CNC technology is also called computer numerical control technology (CNC, Computerized Numerical Control), it is the use of computer to achieve digital program control technology. This technique uses the computer to store the trajectory of the device and the operation timing logic control function of the peripheral device according to the stored control program in advance. Since the computer is used to replace the original numerical control device composed of hardware logic circuit, the realization of various control functions such as storage, processing, operation and logic judgment of input operation instruction can be realized by computer software, and the generated micro instruction is sent to The servo drive drives the motor or the hydraulic actuator to drive the device to run.

The traditional mechanical processing is the use of manual operation of ordinary machine tools, processing hand shake the mechanical cutting tool metal, relying on the eye with a caliper and other tools to measure the accuracy of the product. Modern industry has long been the use of computer digital control of the machine to operate, and CNC machine tools in accordance with the technical staff in advance of a good program for any products and parts directly processed. This is what we said NC processing. CNC machining is widely used in any field of all mechanical processing, mold processing is the development trend and important and necessary technical means.

CNC lathes, turning centers, is a high-precision, high-efficiency automated machine tools. It has a wide range of process performance, can be processed linear cylindrical, diagonal cylinder, arc and a variety of threads. With a linear interpolation, circular interpolation of various compensation functions, and in the production of complex parts of the production has played a good economic results. Reasonable selection of CNC lathes.

To determine the typical parts of the process requirements, the processing of the workpiece batch, the proposed CNC lathe should have the function is to do the preparatory preparation, the rational choice of CNC lathe prerequisite to meet the typical parts of the process requirements.

Typical parts of the process requirements are mainly the structure of the parts size, processing range and accuracy requirements. According to the precision requirements, that is, the workpiece size accuracy, positioning accuracy and surface roughness requirements to select the CNC lathe control accuracy. According to the reliability to choose, reliability is to improve product quality and production efficiency guarantee. CNC machine reliability refers to the machine under the conditions of the implementation of its function, the long-term stable operation without failure. That is, the average time between failures, even if a failure, a short period of time to restore, re-use. Choose a reasonable structure, well-made, and has mass production of machine tools. In general, the more users, the higher the reliability of the CNC system.