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CNC Machied Parts Conditions Should Be Complete And Accurate
May 16, 2017

In order to improve the degree of production automation, shorten the programming time and reduce the cost of CNC machining parts, in the aerospace industry also developed and used a series of advanced CNC machining technology. Such as computer numerical control, that is, with a small or microcomputer instead of CNC controller in the system, and stored in the computer software to perform the calculation and control functions, this soft-connected computer numerical control system is gradually replacing the initial state of the numerical control system. Direct CNC is a computer directly control multiple CNC machining parts, it is suitable for small batch of short-cycle aircraft production. The ideal control system is an adaptive control system that can continuously change the machining parameters. Although the system itself is complex and expensive, it can improve the processing efficiency and quality. The development of CNC In addition to the hardware aspects of the CNC system and machine improvement, there is another important aspect is the development of software. Computer-aided programming (also called automatic programming) is written by the programmer in a numerical language, it is input to the computer for translation, and finally by the computer automatically output perforation tape or tape. The more widely used CNC language is the APT language. It is roughly divided into main processing and post-processing. The former programmer to write the program to be translated to calculate the tool path; the latter tool path into a CNC machine tool parts processing program. CNC machining, in the workpiece before processing in advance on the computer to prepare a good program, and then enter these procedures to the use of computer program control machine for instructional processing, or directly in the computer program control machine control panel to write instructions For processing. Processing process includes: knife, tool change, speed, change, parking, etc., are automatically completed. CNC machining parts is an advanced tool for modern mold manufacturing and processing. Of course, CNC machining means must not only for the mold parts processing, use a very wide range.

Machined parts of the NC machining process involves a wide range of the following combination of the possibility and convenience of programming some of the necessary analysis and review must be the main content.

1, size should be marked with the characteristics of CNC machining

In NC programming, all points, lines, faces of the size and location are based on programming origin as the base. So it is best to give the coordinates of the coordinates directly on the map, or try to use the same reference size.

2, geometric elements of the conditions should be complete and accurate

In the programming, the programmer must grasp the geometric elements of the contours of the parts and the relationship between the geometric elements. Because all geometric elements of the part contour are defined during automatic programming, the coordinates of each node are calculated manually, and no matter what is unclear or uncertain, programming can not be done. However, because the parts designers in the design process to consider ill-considered or ignored, often incomplete or incomplete parameters, such as arc and straight line, arc and arc is tangent or intersecting or separated. So in the review and analysis of drawings, be sure to carefully find the problem in time with the designer.

3, positioning benchmarks reliable

In CNC machining, the processing process is often more concentrated, with the same benchmark positioning is very important. So often need to set some auxiliary benchmarks, or add some process on the blank boss.

4, unified geometry type or size

The shape of the part, the cavity is best to use a unified geometric type or size, which can reduce the number of tool changes, but also may use control procedures or special procedures to shorten the program length. The shape of the parts is as symmetrical as possible, making it easy to program with the mirror processing functions of CNC machined parts to save programming time.

In the CNC machining parts, the basic principle of positioning installation is a reasonable choice of positioning and clamping program. In the choice should pay attention to the following:

1, to design, process and programming the basis of benchmarking.

2, to minimize the number of clamping, as far as possible in a positioning after clamping, processing all the surface to be processed.

3, to avoid the use of machine-man-made adjustment of the program, in order to give full play to the effectiveness of CNC machine tools.

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