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Establish Reasonable Processing Route To Reduce Auxiliary Time Of NC Milling
Jun 21, 2016

In order to increase the productivity of CNC lathe, first must carefully analyze the parts of NC lathe, identifying parts of the material, structure and shape and position tolerance, roughness and heat treatment, and other aspects of technical requirements. On this basis, rational choice of milling technology and clean processing route.

Processing route determination: correct and simple processing route, is the basis of quality and efficiency. Selected parts of the processing lines, it must comply with the principles for determining the machining path in order to achieve the goal of improving productivity. Determine the route of the main principles are: it should guarantee the machining requirements of accuracy and surface roughness and high efficiency; to make the processing route in the shortest, so that both the program and may reduce the tool drive passes to; should make the calculation simple program less to reduce the programming effort. In addition, determine the route, also consider the workpiece machining allowances and lathes, cutters, stiffness, determined was a pass, or passes several times to complete the process. Meanwhile, should try to do in one clamping, multi-faceted process, once processed. In this way, can reduce installation times, effectively shorten the time for handling and clamping. In this way, both can effectively improve processing efficiency and can well ensure positioning accuracy requirements.