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Five Of The Beijing Machining Center CNC CNC Machine Tools Technology
Jun 21, 2016


Machining efficiency and quality in pursuit of CNC machine tools, CNC system has automatic programming, feedforward control, self-learning fuzzy control, control and process parameters are automatically generated, three-dimension tool compensation, intelligent features such as dynamic compensation of motion parameters and fault diagnosis expert system, improve self-diagnostics and fault-monitoring function. Intelligent servo drive systems can automatically sense load changes, automatic optimization of adjusting parameters.

Domestic NC system is working to develop intelligent direction, introduce some technology. Such as central China's "Chinese type 8" and the KND K1000TIV, CNC systems with self-diagnostic function, real-time display and intelligent fault alarm function, and is further enriched and perfected technology.

Open and network

NC open can more easily achieve intelligent network manufacture, effectively promote the improvement of production efficiency.


Open numerical control device in terms of hardware, software, and the bus is open to users. Open numerical control device the main advantage is better versatility, flexibility, adaptability and scalability, you can meet the requirements of users second.

NC and CNC concepts and open