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Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe CNC Custom Machine
Jun 21, 2016

Hosts, he is the subject of CNC machine tools, including body, column, spindle and feed mechanism of machine tools and other mechanical parts. He is used to accomplish a variety of machining of mechanical parts.

Numerical control devices, is the core of CNC machine tools, including hardware (printed circuit boards, monitors, button boxes, paper tape reader, etc) and the corresponding software for entering the digital parts of the program, and information storage, data is transformed, interpolation, and implementing a variety of control functions.

Drive device, he is driven actuators of CNC machine tool components, including spindle drive unit, feed and feed motor, spindle motor, and so on. Under his control in numerical control devices by electric or electro-hydraulic servo system for the spindle and feed drives. When several feed linkage, you can complete the l bit, straight lines, processing of the plane and space curves.