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Master Of Five-axis NC Machining Accuracy: Measurement Of CNC Machine Tools Of The World Standard
Jun 21, 2016

CAC from the 90 's of the last century the introduction of five-axis CNC machine tool, precision inspection according to the NAS 979. However, acceptance by NAS 979 standard equipment has a lot of quality problems in the processing of parts, to the subsequent introduction of machine tool accuracy and acceptance of a critical challenge. To resolve this issue, you must set new standards in testing, s-shaped specimen came into being.

S-shaped specimens is in summarizing the main characteristics of aircraft structural parts surface shape on the basis of abstract, simplified comes from. Machine tool in machining s-shaped specimens during three linear axis along the s-curve motion at the same time, two movement axis synchronization needs to be done to continuously adjust the cutter shaft attitude to ensure that the surface accuracy, very high standards for the dynamic performance, you can truly reflect the working accuracy. Since 2000, s-shaped specimens were included in the procurement of imported machine tools technical agreements, has played a significant role in the precision inspection, succeeded in finding a lot of imported equipment of precision, avoids a lot of economic damage.