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Numerical Control Machining Technological Design
May 16, 2017

  Numerical control machining , refers to the CNC machine tools for processing a part of the process, CNC machine tool processing and traditional machine tool processing procedures are generally consistent, but also significant changes have taken place. Machining method for controlling the displacement of parts and tools with digital information. It is an effective way to solve the problem of variable variety, small batch, complex shape, high precision and high efficiency and automatic processing.

CNC machining refers to the control system issued by the instructions to make the tool to meet the requirements of a variety of sports, in the form of numbers and letters that the shape and size of the workpiece and other technical requirements and processing requirements of the processing. [1] It refers to the CNC machine tools for parts processing process.

CNC machine tools is a computer to control the machine, used to control the computer computer, whether it is a dedicated computer, or general-purpose computers are collectively referred to as CNC system. CNC machine tools and auxiliary movements are controlled by the NC system issued by the instructions. The NC system instructions are programmed by the programmer according to the material of the workpiece, the machining requirements, the characteristics of the machine and the instruction format (numerical control language or symbol) specified by the system. CNC system according to the program instructions to the servo device and other functional parts issued by the operation or termination information to control the various movements of the machine. When the machining process of the part is finished, the machine will automatically stop. Any kind of CNC machine tools, in its numerical control system if there is no input program instructions, CNC machine tools can not work. The control of the machine tool generally includes the start and stop of the machine; the start and stop of the spindle, the direction of rotation and the speed change; the direction, speed and mode of the feed movement; the selection of the tool, the compensation of the length and the radius; Liquid opening, closing and so on.

CNC machining program preparation methods are manual (manual) programming and automatic programming of the points. Manual programming, the entire contents of the program is manually by the NC system specified by the instruction format written. Automatic programming is computer programming, can be divided into language and painting based on the automatic programming method. However, no matter what kind of automatic programming method, need to have the appropriate supporting hardware and software.

It can be seen that the realization of CNC machining programming is the key. But the programming is not enough light, CNC machining also includes programming must be done before a series of preparatory work and after the preparation of the aftermath of the work. In general, CNC machining process mainly includes the following:

(1) to select and determine the parts and contents for CNC machining;

⑵ the part of the drawings for CNC machining process analysis;

⑶ CNC machining process design;